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Biden’s wife Jill kisses Kamala Harris’ husband’s lips! The video revolves around

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Washington:Joe Biden’s wife and first lady kissed vice president Kamala Harris’ husband’s lips! Yes, you read it right. The video of the moment has gone viral on social media. Which has caused a lot of uproar.

Douglas Emhoff, husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris, met with his wife Jill Biden at the Capitol on Tuesday. Before the start of the speech, they had a courtesy message with each other. In the video that has gone viral, they can be seen hugging each other first. Then the lips of each other are stuck in the lips. In Western culture, it is an old practice to show courtesy with a kiss. But usually when a woman and a man meet, kisses are taken on the hands or cheeks. But in this case, Jill kissed Douglas’s lips. And that’s what Sholgol is on the networld.

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