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The sale of petrol mixed with 20% ethanol has started in 11 states of the country

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New Delhi:In the last few years, the people of India have seen the graph of petrol and diesel prices rising. At present, the price is stable, but the fuel is being sold at a much higher price than before. However, in the meantime, a major step has been announced by the government. On Monday, the Modi government started selling ethanol-blended fuel at 84 petrol pumps in 11 states.

According to the government, before the BJP came to power in 2014, only 1.5 percent ethanol had to be mixed in the country’s potrol. That level has been increased in the last year. Already 10% ethanol is being mixed in petrol. And by 2030, the government had planned to mix 20 per cent ethanol in petrol. However, even before that, the scheme has been launched in 11 states to meet this target.

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