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Some people are not good at drinking coconut water, who? Let’s know

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New Delhi:Health experts have been saying that it is not good for some people to drink coconut water. Such people are more likely to be bad than good if they drink coconut water. Let’s know which people should not drink coconut water-

  1. Those with kidney disease

It is bad for those with kidney disease to drink coconut water. Dab coconut water contains a wide variety of mineral salts, such as calcium, potassium. The mineral salt balance can be disturbed if those suffering from kidney problems drink too much coconut water.

  1. Those suffering from high blood pressure
    Those suffering from high blood pressure are also better off not drinking coconut water. This is because there is a lot of sodium in coconut water. Excess sodium can raise blood pressure. Apart from sodium, coconut water also contains potassium. Which can lower blood pressure.
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