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Tactical & war like stores recovered in Mizoram’s Siaha, 4 apprehended

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The troops of the Assam Rifles have recovered a huge cache of tactical and warlike stores, marking a significant victory for the security services in Mizoram.

According to a statement from the Assam Rifles, “the operation was carried out by a joint team of Assam Rifles and representatives of Siaha police station (in Mizoram) based on particular information.”

The recovery was made in Mizoram’s Siaha district, close to the village of Niawthlang.

Additionally, four people have been detained in connection with the recovery.

The items were supposed to be transported to Myanmar for use by insurgents based there.

According to the statement, “the team had detailed information regarding the movement of tactical and warlike items for militants headquartered in Myanmar in four Kenbo bikes.”

“The team intercepted and searched four kenbo bikes at Niawthlang junction. While carrying out search, the party recovered large number of tactical and war like stores,” the statement added.

The stores recovered were of military quality, therefore it cannot be ruled out that insurgents based in Myanmar would utilise them for anti-national acts against their own people.

This recovery has prevented the likely loss of precious lives.

On Wednesday, the detained people and the items that had been confiscated were given to the Siaha police station in Myanmar for additional investigation and legal processes.

Various items including satellite phone, Myanmar Currency (2,79,700 kyat), Singapore currency (2 dollars), magazine pouches (5), and bulletproof jacket (5) were recovered.

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