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Angry Camel killed the owner in Rajasthan

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New Delhi:The owner died at the hands of a pet camel. The camel chewed the owner’s head and then hit the ground. The owner of the camel died on the spot. Later, the camel was tied to a tree. That’s where the camel also died. The incident took place at Panchu village in Rajasthan’s Bikaner.

It is said that if the camel is eaten, its owner is also not safe. Bikaner seems to be a real reflection of that proverb. It is learnt that a camel was tied up by its owner in Panchu village. Seeing one camel after another walking around, that camel also wants to come out of the shackles. But the bond was strong. Despite many attempts, the camel was angry that he could not break the tie and ran away. Seeing this, the owner came to handle Ooty. But seeing the owner, the camel gets worse. He came straight and attacked the owner.

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