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Turkish video goes viral as girl hugs her brother’s head with a small hand under rubble

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Ankara:Five earthquakes in two days. It’s been destroyed all around. The death toll continues to rise. Where the eyes go, it is only a sign of destruction. In the midst of this destruction, despair, cry of losing relatives, there are moments that give new hope. It teaches us to believe in love. One such scene has recently gone viral on social media. Where a girl is seen holding her younger brother even though she is trapped under the rubble.

The video has been captioned on social media. The video is from Turkey. The little girl is only seven years old. Many houses in Turkey have collapsed as a result of the earthquake. Two children may have been trapped under one such rubble. In the video, the seven-year-old girl’s head is stuck in the middle of a crushed wall. But without caring about his head, he put one of his hands on his brother’s head. As if he would block the broken wall with that little hand.

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