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‘Why sympathy for militants’: BBC in the face of anger in their own country this time by making a documentary

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London:Once again, a BBC documentary has been in the face of controversy. This time there was a call to ‘boycott’ the BBC in Britain itself. Shamima Begum, who joined the militant group ISIS in 2015, later returned to the mainstream of the society. The BBC has made a 90-minute documentary about the ups and downs of his life. In that documentary, various ups and downs of Shamima’s life have been highlighted.

Shamima’s life, however, is no less impressive. He also has connections with Bangladesh through his mother’ s sources. Shamima, who later became a British citizen, left Britain in 2015 with three friends and went to Syria. He joined ISIS. On reaching the militant camp, she married a top IS officer. That’s why her name in the militant camp became ‘Jehadi’s wife’. But within three years, Shamima was disillusioned. In 2019, he again applied for British citizenship. But his application was rejected by the British administration on the grounds of national security. Since then, Shamima has been fighting for citizenship from one part of northern Syria.

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