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1,200 women surround soldiers in Manipur, army forced to release 12 persons

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New Delhi: In Manipur, one such group took out 12 “rebels” captured by the army. Under pressure, the army was forced to release them all. The 12 were arrested on Saturday morning. They are alleged to be members of the Meitei militant group Kanglei Yayul Kanna Loop (KYKL). The group has been involved in many attacks on the army in the past.

Army personnel have been clashing with local ‘rebels’ since Saturday morning. The army was able to capture 12 people. But many people came together and demanded the release of the prisoners. There were at least 1,200 people in the group. It was led by women. At the end of the day, the army bowed down to avoid the possibility of casualties. “The situation is sensitive. Realizing its importance, it was decided to release the prisoners. Huge female-led

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