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Two goods trains collide in Bankura, several trains cancelled

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New Delhi: Another major train accident. On Sunday morning, another goods train coming from behind hit a goods train near Onda in Bankura. Both the goods trains were badly damaged in the accident. Both drivers were seriously injured. Meanwhile, train services were disrupted in Adra division due to the accident. Several trains have been cancelled. Some trains have been diverted.

According to reports, an empty goods train was being ‘shunted’ on a loopline near Onda in Bankura. That is, the freight train was being moved from one line to another. The signal was red at that time. But without following the signal, a goods train from Adra to Kharagpur came and hit the back of the goods train. As a result, the goods train derailed. Both freight trains were badly damaged. The signal room was also broken.

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