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Marriage at the very beginning of his career, that changed AR Rahman’s life!

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Mumbai: Singer AR Rahman was married to Saira Banu at the beginning of her career. They had three children, Rahima, Khatija, and AR Amin. The artist kept his personal life under wraps from publicity. Recently, the artist opened up about his personal life and marriage.

Rahman said marriage helped him achieve success early in his career. Rahman had learned to maintain both his career on the one hand and his family on the other. He had equal love for both sides of life. According to Rahman, marriage changes people and teaches them to love.

In an interview, AR Rahman said, “Marriage and marital relations change people from within. I think there are some good aspects to it, as well as the terrible side. Marriage means you have to be with a man you didn’t even know. But for me, marriage was more of a soul relationship than a physical relationship. Because of which I have been able to handle many of the storms that have come in my life with a smile. ‘

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