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Sunny Deol Gets Irritated After a Woman Tries To Comes Close To Him, Video Goes Viral

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Mumbai: Sunny Deol appeared to be irked by a woman trying to get close to him during his recent spotting. The actor was spotted on Monday, meeting the paparazzi.

Sunny was in his best spirits as his film, Gadar 2, made history at the box office. The film collected Rs 133 crore at the box office in its opening weekend. Sunny made his first public appearance following the news of the box office collectiom.

In a video shared by a paparazzo, Sunny Deol was spotted making his way out when a group of fans approached him. The group also featured two women. While Sunny posed for a selfie with a man, he maintained a distance from the women. When one of the woman tried to squeeze herself into the photo, Sunny was visibly irritated by the behaviour.

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