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“We will empty half of Pakistan.” Sunny Deol’s warning ‘boils down’ to neighbouring country

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New Delhi: Pakistan’s ‘villain’ look on the Indian cinema screen is not new! ‘Ghadar 2’ has been seen many times before. But this time sunny deol’s dispute with Pakistan on screen, the neighboring country is bursting with anger. The Pakistanis also attacked the Bollywood actor.

On the one hand, when ‘Ghadar 2’ is shaking the box office, there is a lot of tension in Pakistan about that film. Sunny Deol has done a business of Rs 300 crore in just one week. In his 40-year career, fans have not seen his ‘Dhade Kilo Ka Haath’. But pakistanis are looking for sunny deol, the actor who has created so much noise in the world of glamour! Why?

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