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It costs Rs 41,000 for one rat catching! Rs 69 lakh spent on rat catching by rail category

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New Delhi: How much can it cost in the name of Nigni Dhara? Pull it right. But I do know that many people will be surprised that it costs Rs 41,000 to sustain it. It’s happening in our country, even if it’s happening. The information obtained by such an individual under the Sehtiyak Information Act shows that it has cost over Rs 41,000 in the department.

In response to an RTI query, it said that it has spent around Rs 41,000 for each nigan in Lucknow division of Uttar Pradesh. An RTI worker from Madhya Pradesh had questioned Chandrasekhar how much was being spent on the north for nigani dharna. It said it spent Rs 69.5 lakh on 168 nignas between 2020 and 2022 in Lucknow division of North Delhi.

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