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Plastic pollution is highest in developing countries

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New Delhi:Plastic pollution is found to be the highest in developing countries of Asia and Africa.This is because the waste collection and disposal systems of these two continents are very poor. But even in the developed world, especially countries with low recycling rates, there is difficulty in proper collection of discarded plastic. Plastic waste has become so ubiquitous that the United Nations has repeatedly warned the countries of the world on this issue.

The United Nations has also been forced to make global deals to save the world from plastic monsters.The world’s oceans have now become plastic stocks Most of the plastic waste that accumulates in the oceans goes from the soil to the oceans. More than 14 million tonnes of plastic enter the sea every year. Most of the river-borne plastic entering the sea comes from just 10 rivers, eight of which are in Asia. China’s Yangtze River stores 1.5 million metric tonnes of plastic in the sea of plastic a year.Plastic waste small particles in the ocean when exposed to sunlight, wind and waves

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