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Rafale fighter jets chase ‘alien vehicles’ in Manipur’s skies

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New Delhi: An alien vehicle has been spotted in the sky of Manipur. There is no end to the speculation. On Sunday, reports spread that an unidentified flying vehicle was patrolling near Imphal’s Veer Tikendrajit International Airport. Soon after, two Rafale fighter jets of the IAF chased down the premises.

According to news agency the suspicious flying vehicle was spotted around 2.30 pm on Sunday. Immediate precautions were taken. Fearing sabotage, flights to and from Imphal’s Veer Tikendrajit International Airport were quickly stopped. According to defence ministry sources, a Rafale fighter jet flew towards the spot as soon as the information was received. These aircraft have state-of-the-art sensors. Even the smallest object cannot escape the eye of the machine. But after searching the entire area, nothing was found. However, a Rafale was sent again, but the same result was obtained.

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