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National Seminar on Traditional Seed System in Guwahati ,Agriculture Minister Atul Bora emphasised on protecting biodiversity and agro-ecosystem

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Guwahati: Climate change has touched the entire world as well as Assam today. Just as climate change is a challenge for our agriculture sector, another challenge facing us is the protection of biodiversity and agro-ecosystems. Our agricultural research has to chart its own course with this aspect focused on. State Agriculture Minister Atul Bora remarks while participating in a national-level seminar on strengthening the traditional seed system organized by GIZ, an organization organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India and the Ministry of United States Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Development, Government of Germany, at Tapesia near Guwahati today.Referring to the declining agricultural land against the growing population of the country, Minister Bora said that agricultural scientists, officials have to work to achieve the definite goal of producing more from the shrinking agricultural land by protecting the biodiversity and agricultural ecosystem.

The Agriculture Minister also called upon agricultural scientists and researchers to popularize climate resilient farming practices among farmers. Stating that Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has given importance to the economic development of farmers through the development of sustainable agriculture for the protection of future generations, he said that on the advice of the Chief Minister, the Department of Agriculture has taken up various methods of action by focusing on aspects such as traditional farming methods, natural farming etc. He also emphasized on ensuring that marginal farmers of the state use less resources to produce quality and higher quantities. Stating that traditional seed production methods have been playing an important role in ensuring food security as well as maintaining biodiversity, he said that traditional seed production methods are science.

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