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India launches first satellite in search of black hole

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New Delhi: At the beginning of the new year, India has seen the face of success in space research. The country’s first X-ray polarimeter satellite (XPoSat) has successfully launched into space from ISRO’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre. This XPoSat will search for black holes filled with infinite mysteries of space. The satellite was launched at 9:10 am on Monday. Scientists spent the last few moments waiting in the ISRO control room. It was finally terminated by the successful launch of Exposat. At the beginning of the year, the country’s largest space research center is happy. It is to be noted that India has secured the second place in the world in launching such a satellite. Prior to this, only the United States (USA) had achieved this success.

ISRO’s space scientists chose the first day of the new year for such an important mission. It is known that Exposat will work in space mainly through two parts. One is Polarimeter Instrument in X-Ray and the other is X-ray Spectroscopy. This artificial satellite will not go too far from the earth. Exposat will be within a maximum distance of 700 kilometers from the ground. ISRO’s satellite will search for black holes and bright lights there. Based on the observations, information will be sent to ISRO’s control room. And by analyzing it, it can be known about the black hole and other energy sources of our solar system. Such news is from the country’s Space Research Center.

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