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Kangana Ranaut reveals Indira Gandhi’s avatar after returning from Ram temple

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Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut has been excited about the Ram temple program since the beginning. He arrived in Ayodhya a few days before the event. Speaking to reporters, he said, “I am a devotee of Lord Ram. Devotees of Ramayana. He is also a fan of Ram’s words. You can’t imagine how happy I am today. This is the success of the people’s movement. So I won’t talk about any one. The whole of India has come together, that is why we have been able to see this day today. Due to the virtue of my previous birth, I was able to participate in the Pran Pratishthan ceremony of Ayodhya Ram Lalla. ”

And now he returned from the Ram temple and concentrated on promoting the movie. Kangana Ranaut has finally announced the release of her upcoming film ‘Emergency’ with the blessings of Ram Lalla. Kangana Ranaut took to social media to share the new poster of Indira Gandhi’s upcoming film ‘Emergency’ and announced that her much-awaited film ‘Emergency’ will be released on June 14. Kangana will be seen in the role of Indira Gandhi in the film.
Indira Gandhi’s look Kangana grabbed everyone’s attention with raw-gray hair, a little makeup, prosthetic look. In just a few minutes of teaser, Kangana proved that the character of Indira on the film screen is made for her. But not just acting, Kangana is making this film with her own hands. Kangana is the director of this ‘Emergency’ by snatching the responsibility of directing from director Sai Kabir.

Kangana said, “This is my second film as a director. I am ready in every way to bring a personality like Indira Gandhi to the cinema screen. But I wouldn’t call it a biopic of Indira. Rather, this picture is a period picture of a great size. ’

Kangana further said, “There is a lot of unknown in the life of former Prime Minister of the country and Indira Gandhi, an important chapter in Indian politics. These will be highlighted in the emergency photo. ’

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