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‘Dry ice’ in restaurant ! Manager arrested after customers vomiting blood

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New Delhi: Eating at a restaurant in Gurugram is a terrible thing to eat. Five customers started vomiting blood. They were rushed to the hospital. They are undergoing treatment there. The condition of two of them is said to be critical. The restaurant manager has been arrested in connection with the incident. Why are these customers bleeding?

The restaurant is located in Sector 90, Gurugram. On March 2, Ankit Kumar had gone to eat at a restaurant with his wife and friends. After eating, all five people paid the bill and cleaned their mouths. Ankit, his wife and friends allegedly fell ill. In an instant, everyone’s face began to burn. The vomiting begins. It is seen that blood is coming out with vomit.

Ankit alleged that the restaurant authorities did not hesitate even though the customers were sick. Eventually, they called the police. Police rescued them and admitted them to the hospital. Police also arrested the restaurant manager. A case has been filed against him under certain sections. The reason for vomiting blood after eating mouth cleansing has also come to the fore. A doctor known to Ankit said that inside the packet was dry ice. Which is a kind of acid. Excessive consumption can lead to death.

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