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Rupee depreciates against dollar

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New Delhi: The recent deterioration of some of the issues in the Indian economy has now raised questions about the growth of the economy. The Indian rupee depreciated at a very rapid rate against the US dollar. For the past few days, the value of India’s currency has been depreciating in dollar terms. Even today, the value of the Indian rupee has fallen at a record rate. The dollar has crossed Rs 83 for the first time. Today the Indian rupee is valued at Rs 83 17 paise against a dollar.

The depreciation of the rupee against the dollar is expected to have an impact on the stock market as well. In this way, if the value of the Indian rupee continues to depreciate against the dollar, the Indian economy is expected to suffer badly. This will not only reduce investment in the country but also increase inflation. Meanwhile, the rising prices of gold are worrying the customers. Now the wedding season has begun. At the same time, the price of gold per 10 grams in the market is Rs 67,650.

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