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Titanic’s Iconic ‘Floating Door’ That Saved Rose Auctioned For Almost Rs 6 Crore

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New Delhi: In ‘Titanic’, the door that saved Rose’s life and Rose’s dress have been sapphired. The door was auctioned for $718,750 and a dress by Kate Winslet for $125,000.

It has been more than 25 years since the film ‘Titanic’ came, but even today these people like it as much. There are many reasons why people like this movie. If someone likes the love story shown in it, then someone likes its heartbreaking ending. Talking about the fan following of its actors, there is no limit to it. In the love story of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the door has been very much discussed, due to which Rose’s life was saved. Now this door has been auctioned.According to the report of The Hollywood Reporter, the door that saved Rose’s life is also believed to be the reason for Jack’s tragic demise. In a recent auction, that door has been sold for $ 718,750. Apart from this, the dress worn by Kate Winslet was also auctioned for $ 125,000.
While watching the film, people thought the door was just a wooden panel, while Heritage Auctions Treasures clarified that it was actually part of the door frame just above the entrance of the ship’s First Class lounge. Kate’s chiffon dress worn in the film was also auctioned for $125,000 at the event.
Let me tell you that the debate went on for years about the door which has been auctioned. There has been a lot of debate about Jack’s death at the end of the film. Fans have always said that Jack’s life could have been saved.
Actually, the director compared the two to Romeo-Juliet to Love Story. People said that Jack could go to that door as well as Rose and escape. The director also had to give his side about why he gave Jack’s death.

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