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Little girl dies after eating birthday cake ordered online!

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New Delhi:A 10-year-old girl died mysteriously after eating a birthday cake. One such tragic incident was witnessed in Punjab’s Patiala. Prima facie, it is believed that he died due to food poisoning. The girl’s sister also ate the cake. He is also reported to have fallen ill.

What happened exactly? Manabi, a resident of Patiala, celebrated her birthday on Saturday. The cake was ordered online. Both she and her sister ate the cake. In a video circulating on the net, it is seen that other members of her family are feeding cake to Manabi. After that, the danger increases at night. Around 3 am, Manabi’s sister started vomiting. She also felt sick. They were rushed to the hospital, the girl’s grandfather said. By then, the human had become unconscious.
Doctors at the hospital declared Manvi dead. However, his sister survived. It is believed that the poison came out of the body as he vomited. But how did cakes get poisoned? Meanwhile, Manabi’s family has lodged an FIR. A request has also been made to the state health department seeking justice. Meanwhile, the delivery boy from where he brought the cake said that the cake was not from their shop. The police have launched an investigation. It is also being investigated whether there is any other mystery behind it.

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