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PM is part of Lord Ram: Kangana Ranaut praises PM Modi

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New Delhi: Although Kangana Ranaut is a newcomer to the field of politics, she is explaining that she is not less than a leader in speech or body language. Sometimes he speaks of women power and sometimes Swami Vivekananda. Modi-praise has also fallen on the face of BJP’s star candidate more than once. Kangana Ranaut calls PM Narendra Modi ‘part of Lord Ram’

Kangana Ranaut is also ‘Manikarnika’ in the political field outside the cinema screen. The saffron camp has come down to get the nomination. Kangana Ranaut campaigned in different parts of Mandi on Saturday. “Today I am here as an ambassador of Narendra Modi. Your one vote given to me will be a blessing for the Prime Minister. Just imagine, the work which was stuck for the last 500 years was possible only during the tenure of Narendra Modi. When Modi is in the Prime Minister’s seat, by the grace of Ram, the wait of so many years is over. Ram Mandir was built.

“The BJP has fielded me from Mandi. So it is my responsibility to be your collective voice and raise the problems in Parliament. I am confident that the top leadership will fulfill your wishes after examining all your grievances and complaints. Congress people will come to mislead you that Kangana will go back to Mumbai and she will not come. These people will have to give a clear answer at the ballot box. ”

Earlier on Friday, at a mega roadshow in Himachali’s Bhumikanya Mandi, she shouted, “I am not a heroine here, I am the daughter of the mandi. Kangana Ranaut has been having a slump at the box office for over a year. Haven’t seen a hit in a long time! However, from the ‘flop pitch’ of the film market to the political field, the ‘Manikarnika’ of the screen is again in a warlike mood. In his first election campaign, he said that if he wins or if the people want, he will become a full-time politician and will work for the welfare of the people of Mandi. Kangana Ranaut also spoke about her political ideology and inspiration. “I am a devotee of Swami Vivekananda. He instilled a sense of nationalism in me. Sadhguruji, under whose inspiration I became a Karmayogi. Another M

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