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Prices of life-saving medicines hiked again ahead of polls

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New Delhi: “The way pharma companies have donated electoral bonds to the BJP, this should have happened,” political circles said.
Prices of 800 life-saving medicines have been hiked again in the face of elections. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has increased the prices of around 800 medicines, including antibiotics and painkillers, with effect from Monday, April 1. The list also includes life-saving medicines like diabetes and pressure. Senior citizens are worried about the price hike of medicines.

According to the NPPA, the prices of about 800 medicines like steroids, antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins, blood pressure-sugar-cholesterol and fever-cold-cough have been increased. According to the company, the new prices of medicines have been fixed in accordance with the recommendations of the advisory board under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. However, it is claimed that the price of medicines is being increased much less this year than in other years. According to the NPPA, the prices of essential medicines have been increased by 0.0055 per cent. In the last year alone, the prices of many medicines have increased by at least 12 percent. In 2022, prices were up 10%.
Meanwhile, ordinary middle-class families are angry over the increase in the price of medicines. It is alleged that the pharmaceutical companies are increasing the prices in such a way for political patronage.

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