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Assam will not forget 1962 when Jawaharlal Nehru bid farewell to Assam: Amit Shah

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Lakhimpur: Honourable Union Minister of Home and Cooperation Shri Amit Shah today addressed a colossal crowd at North Lakhimpur in Assam.Launching a blistering attack on Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Shri Shah said that a few days back Rahul Baba appealed to save the culture of Assam. I want to ask Rahul Baba what the Congress did with Assam. Since his grandmother’s rule, Assam has been subjected to unfettered injustice. Thousands of youths walked on the path of violence, and hundreds and thousands of youths were killed. This was a grave sin committed by the Congress party against the people of Assam. But Narendra Modi Ji signed more than 10 pacts to ensure peace in Assam and as a result, 9,000 youths have laid down arms and returned to the mainstream.

Rahul Gandhi talks about the honour of Assam, but the Congress even did not remember stalwarts like Gopinath Bordoloi and Bhupen Hazarika. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has honoured Bhupen Hazarika with the Bharat Ratna.

Now the Congress speaks about Assam. But they kept the borders open for infiltrators to enter. But after the Narendra Modi government assumed office today, not even a bird can enter Assam from Bangladesh.
The Congress that is talking about Assam has given Assam nothing other than terrorism, strikes, and terrorism during their reign. They even did not fulfil the promises made to the youth through the Assam Accord. But when we signed the Bodo Accord we fulfilled all our commitments in just two years.
During the Congress rule, a campaign was carried out to kill rhinos. But the BJP government here secured Assam’s tourism by securing rhinos. The BJP government also protected the spiritual traditions of Srimant Shankardev and Madhavedev and freed the lands of the satras and Kaziranga that were encroached on by the infiltrators.
They talk about Assam’s culture today. But they did nothing for Lachit Borphukan, the great warrior who fought against the Mughals for years and gave them a crushing defeat. They were in government for years. But only after the Modi government assumed power a sky-high statue of Lachit Borphukan was built and the valorous son of our nation was honoured. The saga of Lachit Borphukan has also been translated into 23 Indian languages to ensure that each child comes to know about him. For Assam, the 10 years of the Modi government were the 10 years of development. During these 10 years, many peace treaties have been signed. I can say with conviction that in the times to come, Assam will become a developed state like the other states of the nation. Modi Ji has transformed the entire northeast. Every voter should remember what Modi Ji has said about the Northeast. Modi Ji has said that the fate of the nation will change only when the fate of the Northeast changes, and the development of the nation will be complete only when the development of Assam is done.
Under this principle from 80% of areas of Assam, the AFSPA has been removed and established peace. I want to ask the Congress that they had a government in the centre for 10 years. What did they give to Assam? In 10 years they gave only Rs.1.62 lakh crore to Assam. But Modi Ji gave Rs.4.15 lakh crore to Assam. Apart from that additional Rs.30,000 crore for road construction, Rs.95,000 crore for railways and Rs.10,000 crore for airports. Along with that to free the Northeast from the scourge of cancer an extensive network of cancer care hospitals has been laid out. I can say it with conviction that after five years a day will come when no one from Assam will need to go to Delhi for cancer treatment. Rather people from other parts of the nation will come to Assam for treatment. We have also weaved a network of medical colleges. An AIIMS has been built in Guwahati, a medical college in Tamulpur, a five hundred bedded hospital in Nalbari, a medical college in Dhubri with an expenditure of Rs.500 crore and another medical college in Kokrajhar with another Rs.500 crore and the one that is being built in Karimganj will be completed in this year itself.
For the poor in Assam, all the issues have been resolved. Under the Kisan Samman Nidhi, 18 lakh people are getting benefits, tapped drinking water has been supplied to 55 lakh homes, Ayushman Bharat health insurance scheme has been availed by 1.70 crore people and 43 lakh toilets have been built. Almost 2.30 crore poor have been given five kilograms of free food grains every month and 51 lakh women have been given gas cylinders. The Congress has written in its manifesto that it will establish the Muslim personal law. But our chief minister has banned child marriages, and in Uttarakhand, UCC has been introduced. The congress says that we should not have removed Article 370. The Congress president says what the people of the rest of India have to do with Kashmir. He does not know that the people of India love every inch of our nation. When we were kids we used to raise the slogan ‘Kutch Ho Ya Guwahati. Apna Desh Apni Mati’.
Congress belongs to that culture in which Jawahar Lal Nehru bid farewell to Assam when China attacked. The people of Assam cannot forget it. Now, what has changed? China cannot encroach on an inch of India’s land. Such kind of rule is given by Modi Ji. When China showed the audacity in Doklam they were forced to return after a 45-day long standoff. Assam is the hub of the Northeast. The development of Assam and the Northeast is related to the development of the nation. We have a prime minister who has visited the Northeast more than 70 times. The union ministers have visited the northeast more than 700 times. It is time to give all the seats to the NDA. In Assam, we need to give at least 12 seats out of 14.

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