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Nestle mixes sugar with cerela! Shock as report comes out

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New Delhi: Multinational food manufacturer Nestle is very popular in India as in many countries of the world. One of which is baby food. But now it is known that they mix sugar in their two most famous baby food brands sold in this country. But in developed countries like Britain, Germany, Switzerland, they do not mix sugar in the same product. Such a claim has been made in the report of an organization called ‘Public Eye’. According to experts, this trend of adding sugar to baby food made by companies like Nestle is dangerous. This creates problems like obesity. Nestle has not denied the allegations. Nestle India has reduced sugar consumption by 30 per cent in the last five years.

What exactly does the report say? It has been claimed that sugar is mixed in 15 types of Cerelac products sold by Nestle in India. Each serving of Cerelac contains 3 grams of sugar. Again, in the case of Ethiopia and Thailand, the amount increased to 6 grams.

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