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Pak Occupied Kashmir belongs to Foreign Territory, Pakistan government accepted in Islamabad High Court

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New Delhi: No matter how much you try to suppress the truth, it will come out in any way. This time, Pakistan got into trouble with its own comments about Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. “Occupied Kashmir is not a part of Pakistan”, the Pakistan government admitted this in a recent case in the Islamabad High Court. At a time when Indian politics is in full swing over the issue of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, this message of the Shahbaz Sharif government has naturally created a commotion.

Citizens of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) have started a continuous movement against Pakistan Govt (Pakistan Govt) against multiple issues including abnormal rate of tax increase, inflation. The Pakistani government is in a difficult position to stop the protests. In this situation, there is a lot of fighting going on. Journalist and Kashmiri poet Ahmed Farhad Shah has been jailed in occupied Kashmir. The judge ordered Farhad to appear in the Islamabad High Court in a case related to this. In view of this, the lawyer of the Pakistan government clearly stated, “Farhad is currently in the custody of the police of Kashmir (Occupied Kashmir). which belongs to foreign territory. That area does not come under the law and order system of Pakistan in any way.
The Pakistan government claims that a government negotiated with the Pakistan government runs in that region. However, the law and order of Pakistan does not apply there at all. In this context, the question was asked by the court, if the occupied Kashmir is not a part of Pakistan, then how did the Pakistani military forces and the Pakistani Rangers enter the area? However, the government of Pakistan could not give any answer. Meanwhile, this incident has naturally started uproar in international politics. Experts claim that India can use Pakistan’s statement to return to the international stage. Because India has repeatedly stated in clear terms at the UN forum that Occupied Kashmir was, is and will remain a part of India.
It is to be noted that the ruling party BJP has been seen repeatedly raising the tone on this issue even in the campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Even though the Prime Minister himself did not open his mouth on this matter, only the BJP leaders from the Union Home Minister have claimed that if the Modi government comes to power for the third time, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir will be part of India within 6 months. In the midst of this situation, the diplomatic circle thinks that the new demand of the Pakistan government is a new weapon in the hands of India.

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