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Fingers cut in ice cream! The young woman was shocked

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New Delhi: : Pancreatic condition in hot weather. So a young woman from Mumbai ordered ice cream from a store on a hot day. But when he opened the ice cream wrapper, his eyes widened. A finger cut in the cone of ice cream! The young woman managed to control herself and filed a complaint at the Malad police station.

According to news agency , the young woman, a doctor by profession, is a resident of West Malad. On Wednesday afternoon, he ordered an ice cream cone from a reputed company online from a local shop. But as soon as you take a bite, you see a cut finger with a nail in the ice cream. After posting the video on social media, it went viral in no time.
After that the young woman went to Malad police station and told the whole matter. Based on his complaint, an FIR was lodged against the concerned organization. In this incident, the police said, nothing has been reported by the company yet. The whole matter is being looked into. However, some of the netizens have expressed their anger in this case. Many have said to be careful in ordering food from outside.

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