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Car falls into 300-foot deep ditch, kills young woman

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New Delhi: Many people have died in the name of making reels. This time again, a young woman has died tragically because of the reel. Video of the incident has already gone viral. A young woman fell into a 300-foot deep canyon with her car in the mountainous region of Maharashtra. As a result, he died. The entire incident was captured in the video taken by the deceased’s partner. The video has become viral on social media.

Police sources said 23-year-old Shweta Deepak Sarwas died in the accident while making reels. His partner was 25-year-old Suraj Sanju Khachhar. The two had traveled from Aurangabad to Sulivanjan Hills.There the young woman was making reels on how to drive. In the viral video, Shweta is seen slowly reversing the car with a smile on her face. Initially, it was about 50 meters from the shaft. But he goes backwards and falls into a ditch.
The video shows Suraj shouting and warning Shweta to stop the car and slow down. At one point he shouted ‘clash clash clash’ But before that, the car fell into a 300-foot deep ditch. The victim died on the spot.

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