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ZPM to form govt in Mizoram after 5 years, Congress continues bleeding

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Guwahati : Change in Mizoram. Within five years of forming the party, the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) is on its way to form the government in the state. After the counting of votes on Monday, it is clear that the new political party can capture power with a single majority. On the other hand, after losing three states, the Congress will have to return empty-handed from Mizoram. They will only get one seat.

The ZPM was formed in 2018 by merging several political parties. The same year, Lalduhoma’s party contested the assembly elections for the first time and won eight seats. It emerged as the main opposition party in the state. Five years later, the number of seats it won could more than double, according to election results. They are leading in 27 seats so far. Mizoram is going to surpass the magic figure 20
Former IPS officer Lalduhoma’s team.

According to the Mizoram tradition, the government changes every 10 years. Mizoram was held by the Congress from 2008 to 2018. But ZPM is on the verge of breaking that trend. In just five years, it is going to dethrone the MNF, the BJP’s ‘ally’. The party, which is known to be close to the BJP, is going to lose more than 17 seats in one blow. Zoramthanga, the outgoing chief minister of Mizoram, has already lost from his constituency.

Like the other three states of the country, the Congress has lost in Mizoram too. Despite losing power in 2018, the Hath camp won five seats. But they have to be happy with just one seat in 2023. On the other hand, two seats can go to the BJP. In 2018, they held only one seat. However, the saffron party could not field candidates in all the constituencies in Mizoram.

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