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One fan and three bulbs, yet laborer’s bill came to 58 lakhs

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New Delhi: Dinanath, a resident of Chakma village in Basti, had taken a free electricity connection under the Saubhagya scheme. After this, when the bill was high, they stopped paying the bill, then their connection was cut.

On the one hand, the government has brought the Saubhagya scheme to provide electricity to every poor, while its own officials are working to put a shadow on the work of the government. A living example of this has been seen in Basti district. Where a poor family got an electricity connection through the Saubhagya scheme and used only a fan and bulb. Despite this, he received an electricity bill of Rs 58 lakh. After which the ground slipped under their feet.

Antyodaya card holder Dinanath, a resident of Chakma village of Dubaulia block area, has received an electricity bill of lakhs of rupees. The electricity department had also disconnected the connection of the house six months ago due to high bill dues. In such a situation, the victim is making rounds of the electricity department office to get his electricity bill corrected and connect the connection, but the officer

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