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Know the benefits of castor oil for every disease

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New Delhi: Castor plants can still be seen growing everywhere in the village. The people of the village know castor very well, whenever there is a sprain, the castor leaves are remembered first … By the way, the situation has changed now, even if something happens, the doctors break down on the medical … We may have changed our position but the plant has not lost its virtue…

Today, you will get to hear the discussion of Castor-oil everywhere in the urban world, its properties will also be described, but no one uses it directly, and most people do not even recognize the plant….. Due to the properties found in castor oil, it benefits in both health and beauty. Know the benefits of castor oil

  1. Clear dark spots –
    Take a few drops of castor oil and coconut oil and apply it on the black spots of the face, this will remove the black spots.
  2. In rheumatism:
    Massage the arthritis patient with castor oil provides relief in pain. It reduces muscle pain.
  3. Benefits in constipation –
    For constipation 7. Helps reduce kidney inflammation –
    Grind castor mingi to reduce kidney inflammation. Heat it and apply it in half of the stomach, swelling will be relieved.
  4. In the eyes -:
    Take a few drops of castor oil and massage lightly around the eyes, this will relieve the swelling of the eyes.
  5. Wrinkles Eradication:
    It works like a moisturizer that prevents premature aging and eliminates wrinkles.
  6. Reduce the pain of sciatica –
    It helps in reducing the pain of sciatica.
  7. Relief in Menstrual Disorder –
    To get rid of pain during periods, heating castor leaves and tying them on the stomach is beneficial.
  8. For warts -:
    Applying castor oil mixed with aloe vera juice provides relief in wart irritation.

13) Body massage –
You can use this oil for body massage, it gives shine on the body.

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