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For 48,500 years, the virus was sleeping under the snow, now the deadly zombie virus has woken up

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New Delhi: A virus that is worse than Covid has worried scientists. The name of this virus is zombie virus. For 48,500 years, the virus was lying in the snow, now the virus has become active. In fact, a jambi is an imaginary stage of human beings, at which stage the human brain becomes completely dead even though the body continues.

That is, at such a stage, the thinking power of the person completely fades but the body survives. And at such times people become hungry only for blood. People are said to be infected with this disease from the zombie virus. According to scientists, the ancient viruses, which have been dormant for 48,500 years in the permafrost region of the polar region, can one day be emitted by the warm climate of the earth and cause a terrible disease.

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