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‘Boroloker Beti Lo’ creator Ratan Kahar awarded the Padma Shri

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New Delhi: ‘Boroloker Beti Lo’ ,there are very few people who have not heard this folk music. But who knows who is behind this song? Basically, this song became popular in the voice of artist Swapna Chakraborty. However, the creator of this song, Ratan Kahar of Birbhum, is out of the limelight. Even if there are thousands of remakes or remixes of this song, no one remembers the creator. Ratan Kahar was finally recognized. He was awarded the Padma Shri.

Artist Ratan Kahar is a resident of Suri in Birbhum. The journey started with the song Bhadu. His first song was recorded on radio in 1972. Ratan Kahar has written about 250 songs so far. Almost all the songs have become popular. But one of the most popular songs written by Ratan Kahar is ‘Boroloker Beti Lo’.

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