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How many elephants are there in Kaziranga National Park? Elephant census to be done on February 27

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Guwahati: The counting of elephants in the world-renowned Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve will be held on February 27. In parallel with the elephant census program to be held in different parts of the state, the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve Forest Authority has started the initial work on the field from today.

According to Sonali Ghosh, field director of The Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve, has revealed that the East Assam Wildlife Division, Nagaon Wildlife Division and Biswanath Wildlife Division will run from today. These include areas where elephants are currently held. This will be followed by the original census on February 27. Also, February 28 will be the general inspection. Several elephant experts have already trained foresters for elephant counting. Accordingly the enumerators will record the information of mata, mikey, calf etc. in the specified list.Each division has been divided into several blocks to facilitate the counting and assigned to a counting team in each. It is worth mentioning that earlier in the 2017 census the number of elephants in Kaziranga was found to be 1064.

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