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Mamata backs Kejriwal, India alliance to meet EC

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New Delhi: Mamata Banerjee has come out in support of arrested Arvind Kejriwal. The central investigating agencies have become a sword against the chief ministers elected by the people, he wrote in the X-Handi. He also said that he had spoken to Kejriwal’s wife Sunita. A delegation of the India Alliance will also approach the Election Commission on Friday to protest Kejriwal’s arrest. There are two grassroots members in that group.

Kejriwal was arrested on Thursday night. The next day, the TMC supremo opposed the arrest in a lengthy tweet on X-handle. “Opposition chief ministers elected by the people are being targeted. They are being arrested. But those against whom there are allegations against ED and CBI, they are continuing their work by going to BJP. This is a huge attack on democracy. I strongly condemn the arrest of the Chief Minister of Delhi elected by the people. ”

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