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Today 4 years of Janata curfew have been completed

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New Delhi: Today 4 years of Janata curfew have been completed. Due to the Kovid epidemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on March 19, 2020, that on March 22, a Janata curfew would be imposed for a day across the country.

Addressing the country, PM Modi announced the Janata curfew. During this time, the PM also asked people to wear masks and go out, follow social distancing, keep washing hands thoroughly and follow all the guidelines of Corona. In his appeal, PM Modi had said, “… Today I am seeking one more support from every countryman, this is the Janata curfew … That is, for the public… A curfew imposed by the public on itself.” People accepted this appeal of PM Modi and gave their support in the fight against Corona.

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