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‘My husband is a lion’: Kejriwal’s wife Sunita at Ramlila Maidan rally

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New Delhi: ED arrests husband in excise scam case Sunita Kejriwal joined the India Alliance’s mega rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on Sunday. Arvind Kejriwal’s message was read out. The jailed AAP supremo has given 6 guarantees. “The people of India are with Arvind Kejriwal. He cannot be imprisoned forever. ”

At the beginning of her speech, Sunita said, “Your own Kejriwal has sent a message for you from jail. But before I read it, I want to ask you. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put my husband in jail. Did the Prime Minister do the right thing? Don’t you believe that Kejriwal is a true patriot and an honest person? These BJP people are saying Kejriwal is in jail, he should resign. Should he resign? Your Kejriwal is a lion, they can’t keep him in jail forever.

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