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New Wife Breaks Off at Iftar Party! Arbaaz Khan’s tries to save his wife

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Mumbai: Arbaaz Khan is keeping his new wife Sura a little too much. And so when Sura is a little away from the eyes, Arbaaz’s eyes are full of tension. Something similar happened at a recent Iftar party!Let’s elaborate a bit. Soora Khan and Arbaaz Khan attended an Iftar party in Mumbai on Tuesday. That’s where the mess happened.

As soon as Arbaaz and Sura came out of the restaurant after the Iftar party, countless people caught hold of them. Sura’s condition in the crowd is utterly miserable. Sura was crushed under the pressure of the crowd. At the same time, Arbaaz shouted to disperse the crowd. Salman’s brother wears Rudra idol to save wife Then the crowd slowly dissipated. Arbaaz’s current wife Sura survived. However, Arbaaz did not forget his ex-wife Malaika even though he loved Sura more than life. Malaika was recently spotted with her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and his new wife Sura Khan.

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