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Guwahati murder: Man cuts wife into three pieces

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Guwahati: The brutal murder took place again in Guwahati city. This time the husband killed his wife in a very hellish way. The horrific incident of husband killing his wife has taken place in Dhpalia in Jyotikusi. His wife was chopped into three pieces by her husband in connection with the murder that created a sensation in Guwahati.

Police sources said the murder was carried out by a man named Laxman Biswas. Husband Lakshman killed his wife Dipali Poddar by cutting her into three pieces. The Fatashil police have been able to arrest Laxman Biswas in connection with the incident. It is learnt that husband Lakshman was killing his wife and taking the body to throw it on the highway. At the same time, the patrolling team of the police saw Laxman and immediately managed to nab him.

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