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The number of prostate cancer patients in India will double by 2040: The Lancet Commission reports alarmingly

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New Delhi: The Lancet Commission report has revealed alarming facts. By 2040, the number of patients suffering from prostate cancer in India is expected to increase at an alarming rate. What’s even worse is that prostate cancer can settle in a person’s body without any prior symptoms. A recent report prepared by The Lancet Commission on the subject of prostate cancer has exposed the picture of the crisis caused globally by the disease.

According to the commission’s results, the incidence of prostate cancer will increase from 1.4 million annually in 2020 to 2.9 million per year by 2040. Two years ago, a 64-year-old surgeon from Pune suffered a back pain. Examination later revealed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the disease had already taken a long way. The disease had already spread to his spine. What was surprising was that he had no initial symptoms, such as difficulty urinating. The field of many Indian men like him

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