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Crocodile intercepts US Air Force plane!

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Washington: MacDill Air Force Base in Florida witnessed an incident on Monday. A giant crocodile appeared in front of a KC-135 aircraft designed for flight. The reptile turned the wheel of the plane into an armchair on the runway. As a result, the fuel plane was stopped.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was then notified to remove the giant crocodile. But the forest officials rushed to get the crocodile out from under the wheel. The reptile was somehow brought out from under the wheels of the plane by tying a rope. After a long time, the crocodile came to their bag. It was safely released from MacDill Air Force Base into the nearby Hillsborough River. In the middle, this rare scene was captured by two officers of the air base. Crocodile Babaji’s feat also went viral on social media.

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