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Shekhar Suman agrees to campaign for Kangana Ranaut

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New Delhi: When Kangana was in love with her son Adhyayan Suman, the heroine was the poison of Shekhar Suman’s eyes. Even after breaking up with Kangana, the father and son even labeled Kangana a ‘witch’. Kangana Ranaut is the BJP candidate from Mandi, while Shekhar Suman has joined the saffron camp. Campaigning for your son’s ex-girlfriend? He answered.

Shekhar Suman joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at its headquarters in New Delhi on Tuesday. After this, the actor and popular television host was asked by the media whether he would campaign for Kangana. Shekhar replied immediately. He said, “If you call me, why don’t you go?” It’s my duty, but it’s also my right. ”
Kangana and Shekhar Suman’s son Adhyayan worked together in ‘Raaz: The Mystery Continuous’. It is heard that the closeness of the two started from the time of shooting. And then love. But the relationship did not last long. Adhyayan once said that the relationship with Kangana had become very toxic. It was also said that Kangana knows witchcraft. Black used to do magic or keep the study under control.

But that’s all in the past now. In the past few months, Kangana has been praised by Shekhar and his son Adhyayan on social media. In April, Shekhar had said, “When Kangana and Adhyayan were dating, they were both very happy. Not every chapter of life is the same. There are storms in life. In fact, we are all very small in front of fate. Maybe that was the fate. They’re both fine now. In fact, we often make some wrong decisions. Looking back, it’s disappointing. Maybe Adhyayan and Kangana feel the same way. Is Shekhar Khan’s change because Kangana is a BJP candidate? Critics are asking such questions.

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