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‘When I came out of the bathroom…’: Stormy in court against Trump

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New Delhi: She reminded him of his own daughter. At the beginning of the conversation, the former US president told pornstar Stormy Daniels. Stormy said in court in New York on Tuesday. At the same time, he described in detail his sexual encounter with Trump. As he elaborated, Trump was seen frequently shaking his head and muttering sarcasm.

“When I opened the bathroom door and came out, I saw him in my bedroom,” Stormy said in front of Judge Juan Marchan. His intentions were clear. He put down his underwear and waited for me on the edge of the bed. How was Stormy herself at the time? “My clothes and shoes were all open. I think she was just wearing a bra. Did Trump use condoms? Stormy replies, “No. This is how former US President Donald Trump is
The veteran leader has repeatedly refuted Stormy’s allegations against Trump. He had to sit in court and listen to Stormy’s allegations in detail. Stormy claims that Trump called her ‘honeybunch’. Stormy used to say such things on the phone, many times on the speaker, and also listened to friends. Trump had previously had a physical relationship with him, how Stormy was tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The pornstar also told her that the test is done every month.
Trump even told Stormy that seeing him reminded him of his own daughter. Because Stormy is as smart and blonde as Trump’s daughter. However, Trump’s lawyers claim that all the allegations are ‘lies’. But the judge rejected the request to stop the hearing. However, it is also accepted, not everything can be said in detail.

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