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Over 100 women raped, jailed Jalebi Baba died

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New Delhi: Jalebi Baba of Haryana was sentenced to 14 years in jail for raping more than 120 women one by one by taking advantage of people’s trust. Finally, the ‘devil’ of Hisar died in jail. Although his name was Billu Ram, he was known to his fans as Jalebi Baba. The self-proclaimed godman first made headlines in 2018.

It is known that Billu Ram, a resident of Mansa area of Punjab, used to drive a cart at the beginning of his life. After that, he came to Haryana and worked as a jalebi. Suddenly, he declared himself a self-proclaimed godman in Haryana’s Hisar district. He was named Jalebi Baba after selling jalebi. He also opened an ashram in the area. From then on, his infamy began. If a beautiful, young female fan came to him, they could not get rid of Baba’s lust. The woman was first made unconscious after consuming drugs with tea. After this, the entire incident was filmed along with the rape. He died in Hissar jail.

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