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Smriti Irani could be included in the Modi 3.0 cabinet despite loses in Amethi

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New Delhi: Hope is not lost, nor forgotten. Smriti Irani, who lost to a Congress candidate in Congress stronghold Amethi, may get a place in the Modi Cabinet again. For the time being, such is the indication of special sources. According to the source, Smriti Irani’s importance to the BJP has not diminished. Therefore, he could be given a ministry in the third Modi government. The source said there is heated discussion in the political circles. Not only Smriti, but also another defeated minister, Rajiv Chandrashekhar, is also being sought to be brought into the cabinet, the source said. These are speculations ahead of the formation of the Modi 3.0 cabinet.

However, the top BJP leadership has not yet openly commented on the matter. Smriti Irani was a loyal fighter of the party from the beginning. Despite losing in Amethi in 2014, he did not back down. In 2019, he freed Amethyst from the Gandhi family. Smriti held several positions in Modi’s second cabinet (Modi Cabinet 2.0). He was the youngest minister. His educational qualifications were controversial when he was in charge of the then Ministry of Human Resource Development. He was later removed from the portfolio and given the Ministry of Textiles. Smriti was also the Minister of Women and Child Welfare. He was also appointed to the Ministry of Minority Development. Many in the BJP have claimed that Smriti has left her mark in every field.
Now, therefore, Modi and Shah do not want to leave Smriti Irani. He could be given any responsibility in the cabinet, the source said. If he is given the responsibility in the Cabinet, he must win from a constituency within six months. Otherwise, the BJP could win Smriti as an MP in the Rajya Sabha.

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