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‘My husband does not bathe, I want divorce’, woman filed a case in court

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New Delhi:Bathing and keeping himself clean is the responsibility of every person. In the summer, people often take a bath two or three times a day, but in the cold season, this number of baths decreases. Yes, many people take a bath daily even in this season, but many people also make a gap of 2-3 days or 4-5 days, but just think if someone sues you for not bathing? Yes, a woman in Turkey has done something similar. She recently filed a lawsuit against her husband, claiming that he rarely takes a bath.

The woman has also claimed that she smells of sweat due to not bathing and brushes her teeth only once or twice a week. The woman told Turkish media that she filed for divorce from her husband, mainly citing her lack of personal hygiene, reports Auditi Central. The woman’s lawyer told the 19th Family Court in Ankara that her husband wore the same clothes for at least 5 days continuously and rarely bathed, due to which his body and clothes constantly smelled of sweat.

According to reports, some witnesses were also called in the court to corroborate these claims made by the woman against her husband, including some acquaintances of the woman’s husband and some colleagues working with him. All of them have also confirmed the poor personal hygiene of the woman’s husband, after which the court

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