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How many eggs in a week is healthy to eat? Let’s know the opinion of experts

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New Delhi: Eggs are a favourite food of many. Many are also seen eating several eggs in a day. But according to health experts, eggs should be eaten only in moderation. So how many eggs in a day is healthy to eat? According to nutritionists, the reason for many people’s love for eggs is not only taste, but also the nutritional value of the egg hidden behind it.

From weight control to providing the required protein to the body – eggs make up for all the necessary deficiencies. Apart from protein, eggs contain vitamin 6, vitamin 12, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, sodium, thiamine, iron, zinc, vitamin D and many other essential ingredients. According to nutritionists it is better not to eat more than three or four eggs a week. This is because the glycoprotein called ‘avidin’ present in eggs prevents the absorption of biotin inside the body. Biotin is one of the most essential components of the body. It helps in keeping the hair healthy and builds the skin and nails. If biotin deficiency is excessive it can also affect brain function.

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