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Benefits of seasonal vegetable okra

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New Delhi: There are many vegetables that can affect our disease as well. That’s why many people do not eat a variety of vegetables due to various diseases. On the other hand, many vegetables also help in controlling various diseases. It is better if we can eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables to boost the body’s immunity. Okra is also one of the nutritious vegetables. Okra is a better vegetable than many vegetables. This vegetable does not seem to cause any harm.

Now there is okra in the market. Okra is such a beneficial vegetable for people’s health, but how much are we aware of that! Let’s know a few things about the benefits of okra.Okra is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins, fiber and nutrients. Which is very important for our body.Okra is also very beneficial for heart patients. This is because the abundant soluble fiber present in okra helps in curing this disease at a faster pace. So heart patients can get relief from this disease if they eat okra.Eating okra daily also keeps the sugar in control of the body. So people with sugar can get the benefit of eating okra.

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