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On World Environment Day, PM plants sapling of Peepal Tree at Buddha Jayanti Park in Delhi and launches #Plant4Mother campaign

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New Delhi:On the occasion of World Environment Day, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched #एकपेड़ माँके नाम #Plant4Mother campaign by planting a sapling of Peepal Tree at Buddha Jayanti Park, New Delhi today. Drawing a parallel between the nurturing of Nature by Mother Earth and the nurturing of human lives by our mothers, Prime Minister exhorted people across the world to plant a tree as a mark of love, respect and honour for their own Mother and to also take a pledge for protecting trees and Mother Earth.Central and State Government Departments and Local Bodies will also identify public spaces to assist the #एकपेड़माँकेनाम #Plant4Mother campaign.Plantation of trees is central to the theme of World Environment Day 2024 namely halting and reversing Land Degradation, building Drought Resilience and Preventing Desertification. Besides the campaign on #एकपेड़ माँके नाम #Plant4Mother, plantation of 80 crore trees by September and 140 crores by March, 2025 has been planned following a “Whole of Government” and “Whole of Society Approach”.

The trees would be planted across the country by individuals, entities, community based organizations, Central and State Government Departments and local bodies. The Department of School Education, Government of India has motivated Eco-clubs in 7.5 lakh schools to carry forward and promote the message of #एकपेड़माँकेनाम. Summer camps in schools are focusing on the theme by integrating it with experiential learning, which is one of the core precepts of the New Education Policy. The importance of planting trees which nurture human beings and indeed, all living beings across the planet, the inter-relationship between tree, Mother and Mother Earth, would be especially emphasized through the idea of Plant4Mother. All the Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme (EIACP) Centres of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, as also its institutions such as BSI, ZSI, ICFRE, NMNH etc. will be actively engaged in promoting awareness about tree plantation as well as undertaking tree plantation efforts under the umbrella theme of #एकपेड़माँकेनाम. Other Ministries and Departments are also playing a significant role in taking forward the theme of #एकपेड़माँकेनाम. Awareness in youth is being generated through MY Bharat of the Ministry of Youth Affairs. The Ministry of External Affairs has also taken this message to the global level and exhorted citizens of other countries to join hands in this massive tree plantation drive with the core precept of #Plant4Mother.

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